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Recognized as two of the leading reverse mortgage educators in the nation, Robert R. Ross and Ryan Kleis are giving seniors 62 or older, a new lease on life by educating them about the New Reverse Mortgage.

The company’s phenomenal growth is due to their attention on Education. They are committed to educating their customers so they will make a wise-decision, and whether or not a reverse mortgage is right for them. Be guaranteed that Reverse Mortgage Educators of Orange County, CA will hold your hand through the entire process. No obligation. Just Education!

Robert R. Ross
Robert R. Ross, President & Co-Founder of Reverse Mortgage Educators, Inc. has helped seniors for close to 10 years strategize for a better retirement using a reverse mortgage. Robert began cutting his teeth originating reverse mortgages for Wells Fargo where he exceled in senior retirement planning. Robert is licensed by the CA Bureau of Real Estate as an educator that focuses on teaching REALTORS about how seniors 62 or older can utilize a The New Reverse-Mortgage-for-Purchase program to buy their next home. In addition to being an educator, Robert Ross & Co-founder Ryan Kleis have also developed a smartphone application called “R4P” that helps REALTORS calculate down payment requirements for the Reverse-Mortgage-for-Purchase program.

Ryan Kleis
Ryan Kleis is an Educator and Co-Founder at Reverse Mortgage Educators, Inc. Since 2007, Ryan has been originating and teaching others about reverse mortgages and recently authored a Continuing Education course, teaching Realtors how their business and clients can benefit from a Reverse-Mortgage-For-Purchase. As a former Licensed Registered Investment Advisor for Prudential Financial, Ryan helped clients use various investments strategies to achieve their financial goals. Now, with Reverse Mortgage Educators, he is helping borrowers and financial professionals learn how to use a Reverse Mortgage in their financial portfolio.


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