Below are just a few testimonials we’ve received from the many clients we’ve helped secure a Reverse Mortgage.


Due to a wonderful advertisement in the LA Times I called Reverse Mortgage Educators. I wanted someone who could explain all of the ins and outs of a reverse mortgage to me. And, Robert did that in the most understandable language. Robert is caring, thoughtful and always follows up on what he said he would do. He always responded in a timely manner to all my questions and always returned my calls as soon as he could. I never had an occasion when I could not reach him. In essence, Robert is the best consultant anyone could ask for when it comes to Reverse Mortgage.

— Kay M., Lake Forest, CA


I was unaware that I could use a Reverse Mortgage to buy my next home in one transaction. I sold my old home and bought a brand new construction home using a Reverse Mortgage for Purchase. I no longer have a monthly mortgage payment and more available cash for retirement! Using a Reverse Mortgage to buy my brand new home was a win, win.

— Susan E., Palm Desert, CA


For some time I had been working on trying refinance my home and while I had heard of the reverse mortgage I did not know it would work for me. After attending a class given by reverse mortgage educators I learned that this loan would be my saving grace. Without the reverse mortgage loan and the help from reverse mortgage educators I would have probably ended up selling my home. It was the perfect solution for me.

— Frederick K., Palm Springs, CA


I was working with a client that was looking to downsize from his current home into something that fit he and his wife more comfortably. The problem we ran into was that even though he was getting a substantial amount of cash from the sale of his home, he still did not qualify for a normal loan to buy his next house. Robert at Reverse Mortgage Educators showed my client how he could use a Reverse Mortgage for Purchase to not only qualify him for a loan to buy the home, but also, how he did not ever have to make a monthly mortgage payment again. It was a tremendous success and Robert helped get the escrow closed. Thank you Robert!

— Krista K., Orange, CA


Ryan Kleis explained everything to me. He made it possible for me to live comfortable. I appreciate everything he did and would highly recommend Ryan and Reverse Mortgage Educators. Thank you!

— Mary E., Santa Ana, CA


My wife and I are seniors on a fixed income. We had discussed the possibility of selling our home. We wanted to stay in the area to be near to our adult children and grandchildren.

We saw an ad for Reverse Mortgages in the Orange County Register; but to be honest, we were very skeptical. My wife called Ryan Kleis and he set up an appointment to meet with us.

We explained our medical and financial situation and our fears of not knowing if we could trust a Reverse Mortgage Company. Ryan was very knowledgeable and courteous. He respected our need to take time to discuss the idea of a Reverse Mortgage between my wife and I. In all of our meetings with Ryan, he was always professional and listened to our concerns.

We made a decision to go ahead and apply for a Reverse Mortgage. It was approved and has been beneficial to us in several ways. It has allowed us to help our grandchildren and take care of unplanned medical surgeries.

My wife and I agree – we are very impressed with how Ryan kept us in formed about the whole process. He was respectful of our situation. This has allowed us some less stressful time to enjoy our family and to help in ways we could not previously do.

We are grateful and satisfied with our experience with Ryan and Reverse Mortgage Educators or Orange County, CA, and we’ve recommended their company to several of our friends.

— Richard and Mary P., Orange County, CA


I’d been renting a home in Beaumont, CA for approximately 5 years after selling my long-time home in Los Angeles.

I was concerned about the rising rental costs and the insecurity of an unstable situation where the landlord could, at any time, give me a month’s notice to vacate (he intended to reture in the home I occupied) and I would have nowhere to go on such short notice. If I obtained another rental home, then I would have another 1 year minimum lease, at a possibly higher rental cost.

For some time, I’d been looking for a mortgage loan in order to purchase a home, but ran into difficulty; as I was in my late 60’s, self-employed, had no co-signer, and was working on “commission only” basis.

I also found that my substantial downpayment, and over 800 Credit Score was little or no help in obtaining a convential loan; nor of any help, weas the historical fact that I owned and maintained a home by myself in Los Angeles for over 25 years; as well as other investment properties, costing me many thousands of dollars in Mortgages, with never a late payment.

In 2015, I signed up for an instructional Real Estate class through “Reverse Mortgage Educators,” given by Ryan Kleis. I was impressed with his knowledge, enthusiasm, personality, and “approachability.”

I found that I could purchase a home through a “reverse Mortgage,” with the available savings I had in the bank. Ryan was very helpful to me and I was able to purchase a new home, which I moved into last month.

I no longer worry about rent increases, or a “Notice To Vacate” and I can add personal touches or improvements to the home, remain in the property, and can appreciate with the home, to MY OWN BENEFIT. My rental stress of the last few years has lifted and I feel fortunate to have met Ryan and learned about the Reverse Mortgage Purchase Program. I am happy to own my home again, and the comfort that it brings.

— Roz B., Beaumont, CA

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